D’AGE SLENDER U(Garcinia Cambogia)


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Natural Appetite Suppressant and Fastest Fat Burner.

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Product Description

D'AGE SLENDER U 10'S (Garcinia Cambogia)

Fastest Fat Burner, 100% Natural and approved by US FDA,  Natural Appetite Suppressant,  Clinically researched and worldwide patents,  Inches disappear naturally.

Slender U is the fastest fat buster with 2,000mg clinical strength patented Garcinia Cambogia in every sachet.

100% HALAL !!

Supplement for Slimming, 100% Botanical Extract.


Made from 100% Kiwi extract, combined with fruits without kimi materials, work to burn fat in the abdomen, hips, thighs and calves and excess fat throughout the body.

Product Description:
Kji Pharma D'AGE Slender U, slimming supplement with 2,000mg of Garcinia cambogia, quick slimming from inside, made from 100% fruit extract of kiwi and other safe-harbor for the body and has been certified halal of scholars Malaysia (JUM) so safe to use daily without side effects. Comes with a refreshing taste of kiwi juice.

How to use:
Drink 1 sachet Kji Pharma D'AGE Slender U 1 hour before meals (2 x daily consumption.)

Benefits of Garcina Cambogia From Dr. Oz

  1. Appetite suppressants.
  2. Improve the effects of thermogenic (fat burning into heat).
  3. Enhance immunity.
  4. Lowering stomach acid in the stomach and protects the digestive mucos


  1. What is D'AGE Slender U made from?
    Ans:-  Made from Garcina Cambogia.
  2. What is the clinical strength of D'AGE Slender U?
    Ans:-  That is, it has clinical trials, the clinical study of 5,000 patients with a        minimum dose of 1,500mg per single dose, effectively reducing a few inches and burn fat (body fat percentage down).
  3. What are the strengths of this product compared to other products on the market?
    Ans:-  Contains 500mg 1,000mg and other ingredients such as green coffee extract, l-carnitine for detoxifying effect.
  4. How does the Slender U work?
    Ans:-  It works by burning fat, reducing appetite and reduce inches around the arms, waist and hips.
  5. Do Slender U have clinical studies to support?
    Ans:-  Yes, and have 19 international clinical papers.
  6. How long can I see the results?
    Ans:-  At minimum take 1 month to see and reduce inches, reduced appetite could be felt about one week after eating regularly.
  7. Is it Halal?
    Ans:-  Yes, Halal certified by JUM (Jamiat Ulama-E-Maharashtra by Jakim Malaysia).
  8. Are there any side effects?
    Ans:-  No, because it is made from 100% of botanical extracts.
  9. Why do I have to take one hour before a meal?
    Ans:-  For Slender U will trigger a signal to your brain to suppress your appetite. So consume Slender U 1 hour before meals so as to provide enough time for your body to send signals to your brain.

Optional Contents: 10 sachets and 30 sachets
Made In USA