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Kordel's Calcium & Magnesium Plus in the ratio 2:1 is recommended by research on bone nutrition. Vitamin D is added to enhance the absorption of Calcium.

Current research recommends an intake of Calcium & Magnesium in the ratio of 2:1.
Calcium is vital for the maintenance of healthy bones and teeth, and helps relieve muscle cramps and stiffness. Magnesium enhances both the absorption of calcium from food, as well as its retention in the body.

Companion Ingredients:

Vitamin D : Helps regulate calcium absorption and metabolism.
Zinc : Essential for bone health through its reaction with calcium. Zinc is involved in the calcification of bone and is deposited in the bone before calcium mineralization. When there is an increase in calcium in the diet, the need for zinc is raised as well. In the case of an imbalance, calcium tends to form deposits in the arteries, joints and heart.
Molybdenum : Aids in bone formation by stimulating the building of bone tissues.
Manganese : An important co-factor, as is with magnesium. A high calcium intake decreases the absorption of manganese.
Apple cider vinegar : Provides the acidity to dissolve the calcium to ensure effective absorption in the body.


Healthy Bones and Teeth

Adequate calcium intake can help improve bone health and prevent bone degeneration. Osteoporosis is a disease characterized by excessively weak bones and is the result of a deficiency in calcium and other bone supporting nutrients, including magnesium. Calcium is responsible for proper bone formation and maintenance whereas magnesium helps improve bone quality and maintain bone mass.

A 4-year study on the effects of calcium supplementation on bone density found that calcium supplementation reduced the rate of bone loss in elderly women, and is useful in the treatment of osteoporosis.

Proper Muscle Function

Calcium is critical for contraction and relaxation of the muscles, including that of the heart. Deficiency in calcium can cause muscle stiffness or tetany. Magnesium also plays an important role in muscle relaxation and reduces the incidence of cramps or spasms.

Heart Health

Calcium is vital for the maintenance of a regular heartbeat. Together with magnesium, it helps improve the function of heart muscles.


Take 1 to 4 tablets daily, preferably at night.

Direction for Use: Take 1 to 4 tablets daily, preferably at night.

Ingredients: Calcium 200mg, Magnesium 100mg, Zinc (Chelate) 1mg, Manganese (Chelate) 1mg, Copper (Chelate) 1mg, Molybdenum (Trioxide) 10mcg, Vitamin D3 100iu, Apple cider vinegar 250mcg

Contra indication: There are no known contraindications. However, if in doubt of the suitability of this product, please consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking the product.